Dear clients

On August 3, 2021, Dr. Brent Roussin announced upcoming changes to the Public Health Orders which take effect on August 7th.

To keep the safety and well-being of all our clients and massage therapists, our clinic still continue to require the use of face masks for in-person service until future notes .

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Promotion for massage video

1. How much for this treatment?

 • $40/hr

2. How long does the treatment provide?

 • The treatment will  provide 60min(10-15min for the assessment, 45-50min for massage)

3. Who can apply this treatment?

 • Anyone who is over 18 years old has disfunctions(lower back pain, shoulder stiff/snapping/popping, ITB bursitis, Tennis/Golf elbow, Text neck, Muscle tension, Less range of motion, rotator cuff injury)

4. What type of the massage does the therapist approach?

 • Sports massage(deep tissue) and Myofascial release

5. How many times can the client book for the video massage?

  • Only one time

6. Does the client need to sign the consent form for recording and post the video?

 • Yes, she/he do.  

7. Does the video show personal information of the video?

 • No, the video will not show any personal information, only show the dysfuntions and process of the treatment.

8. Can the client book an appointment for 1.5hr or 2hr?

 • No, she/he can not.

9. What does the client to prepare before coming to our clinic?

 Sport short pants, sport bra

10. Who is your massage therapist?

 • So far only  Baojun(John) Wang

11. How to book this massage?

Only Call

Direct billing 

-We offer direct billing to Blue Cross Manitoba, Medivie Blue Cross,  Canada life, Green shield, Sun life financial, GroupHealth, Maximum Benefit, RCMP, VAC

-We MUST contact and confirm insurance plan details BEFORE billing for you, so when visiting us for the first time on an evening or weekend, we will need your insurance information prior to your appointment to contact the insurance company during their office hours

-This is a FREE service we extend to our clients but, as each plan is organized differently, should we encounter any issues (run out of coverage, deductible, require a medical note, insurer denies claim etc.) we reserve the right to request immediate payment in full for your service

Why must I fill out Health History forms when I see a Massage Therapist?

Health History is the first step to allowing your Registered Massage Therapist(RMT) to understand your massage therapy needs as well caution or what may be referred to as contraindications* to treatment. With this information, along with educated questions and assessment, an effective and safe treatment plan can be developed.

What methods of Payment do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment: