Acupuncture and TCM are available.

Student Massage available 

Adept A&T Massage Clinic

2265 Pembina Hwy Unit 205 Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 5J3


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Mon-Fri: 08:00am - 8:00pm | Sat: 8:00am - 6:00 pm | Sun: Closed 


"Even though we may provide a massage service, our ultimate goal is to help you."

--Alice Pan and John Wang(owners) 

A natural approach to improving your health

Swedish/ relaxation massage

Relax the entire body, increase the level of oxygen in blood, decrease toxins, also improve circulation and flexibility, help decrease anxiety and stressful.

For someone who has stress, poor sleep.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is a Eastern traditional medical practice that people use to treat a variety of conditions. It can help increase muscle tone.

Ideal for someone who has very high fascia restriction, ITB.

Hot stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a massage technique where heated stones are placed on specific points on the body to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. The therapist may also use the stones as a massage tool, using them to apply pressure to the muscles. The hot stone could help increase blood flow and promote healing in the body.

Ideal for someone who would like to relieve stress, improve circulation, and alleviate pain 

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a type of massage therapy specifically designed for pregnant women. It is performed by a trained massage therapist who is experienced in working with expectant mothers. The massage is tailored to the specific needs of each woman, taking into account her stage of pregnancy, health history, and any physical discomforts she may be experiencing.

Before booking a prenatal massage, consult with your doctor to determine if it is appropriate for you.

Deep Tissue Massage & Trigger Point Therapy

Apply sustained pressure and use slow stroke to target the inner layers of the muscle and connect tissue to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury.

For someone who has certain pain or less Rang of Motion

IASTM(Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

ASTM is a type of manual therapy that utilizes specialized instruments such as stainless steel to locate and treat areas of soft tissue dysfunction. Benefits are to break up scar tissue, adhesions, and trigger points, improve sofa tissue function, reduce pain, and increase range of motion

For someone who has certain pain or less Rang of Motion

Reiki(insurance unclaimable)

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. It is based on the idea that the therapist can channel healing energy into the patient through touch. The therapist will typically place their hands on or near the patient's body in various positions, with the goal of promoting relaxation and healing

if you have any questions or for more information. You can find Reiki provider Lorelle on instagram @soulfirehealings 

Breast massage 

Breast massage is a therapeutic technique that involves massaging the breast tissue to improve circulation, reduce pain and discomfort, and promote overall breast health. It can be performed by a trained therapist,

Improving lymphatic drainage and reducing the risk of breast cancer

Reducing breast pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cycle or meopause

Relaxing the muscles and reducing stress and tension in the chest and shoulders